For a Friend – New Born – 16-07-2019

Heard you got a little muffin,
Time to start the lovin.
Congratulations on the new life,
You’ve upgraded from being a wife.
Now that you’re a mother,
There’s a lot that will become a bother.
From the late late nights,
To constant crying and potty cleaning sights.
I don’t have any experience in this field,
So I can’t give any tips or ideas for you to wield.
But you’ll figure it all out, you’re a karate expert and an ex-Emirati,
And if that doesn’t suffice, just remember, you are a Chouefati.

Much Love,

Panda – July 16th, 2019

For a friend – 25/04/2019

So I heard you’ve been under a little stress,
It’s understandable, but don’t lose the finesse.
Finding a job is a troublesome task,
The result will come, just keep at it, if needed indulge in that little flask.
If there’s anybody that deserves to be in the workforce,
It’s definitely you, I know other candidates, and it’s a remorse.
So my friend, keep the spirits up,
Believe in yourself, you’re a rockstar, soon we’ll cheer with a whiskey cup.

Panda – 25/04/2019

Thank You – 6

That’s a beautiful piece,

You seem to have written it with such ease.

I was left speechless,

With such finesse.

You touched my heart,

To thank you, I don’t know where to start.

You are my confidant,

I’ve trusted you with all that’s important.

You don’t always need a reason to do something,

Sometimes you do more by thinking less, it’s interesting.

You’re not always perfect,

That’s great, this way I’ll have flaws to dissect.

I love you exactly the way you are,

I think this relationship is going to go very far.
Panda – 2017

Thank You – 5

You absolutely rock,

With all your fancy talk.

You always know what and when to say,

To make all the shitty things go away.

You never fail to surprise me,

Even with what you think is silly.

You made this day that was shitty,

Into one so pretty.

I loved it, I loved every bit of the message,

Here’s my return gift, a short and sweet passage.

Panda – 2017

Happy Birthday – 4

I’m sorry I missed your birthday,

I don’t know what to say.

I feel terrible, 

I can’t believe I forgot, it’s horrible.

I owe you big time,

Probably with the most vintage wine.

I’m truly sorry, it’s been a crazy past couple of days,

How the days have gone by it’s all a haze.

However you wish me to make it up to you,

Let me know, I’ll get it done, you know it’s true.

I’ll wish you now for a belated birthday,

I hope you celebrated in the grandest way.

– Panda 2017

Thank you – 4

You bring me joy,
Like a child’s favourite toy.
I get a thrill talking to you,
I may not show it but know it’s true.
You’re  light-hearted, caring, and a bundle of fun,
Speaking with you is like a rising sun.
It’s soothing, it’s refreshing,
I can’t think of more words because now I’m blushing.


Panda – 2017

Thank you – 3

Thanks for hearing me out,
Now there’s more of me you know about.
I don’t like to vent, it usually goes away on it’s own,
But there are days like this where I raise my tone.
I apologize if I was an earful,
Now I feel better, it’s beautiful.
Enjoy you dinner, till next time we talk,
I assume when we do, one of us will be out on a walk.

Panda – 2017

For a Friend – 11

We’ve known each other at least 1460 days, that’s a minimum 4 years,
And each day I’ve known you, you made me smile till I cried tears.
I thought I’d involve a little math,
After all you’re an engineer, this was simple, I’m sure the level you did made you a psychopath.
To see you begin this new adventure,
I don’t know if I can describe my happiness in this literature.
I promise I’ll make a sincere effort and speak from the bottom of my heart,
Just like a good breakfast is supposed to, hopefully it’ll do its part.
Congratulations my dear friend, I wish you the best for the years to come,
Knowing you, you’ll make sure they’re awesome.
I sincerely apologise I won’t be there to celebrate the festivities,
If only immigration would be so kind, I’d be able to enjoy your crazy activities.
And while I wait for us to catch up on another day,
The main point of this piece is to wish you congratulations and that’s all I wanted to say.

Panda – 2012

For a Friend – 10

Get ready because this one will be a little cheesy,
Hopefully this will give you a break from your schedule that’s crazy busy.
Anyways, I’m glad you’re feeling better,
And moving on despite all that’s bitter.
You’re one hell of a person,
And I’m sure whatever comes your way you’ll stay strong like a bison.
Forgive me for the last line,
I would’ve come up with something even weirder if I was drunk on wine.
Come to think of it, maybe you should have a little alcohol,
A good glass of whiskey or that Puerto Rico rum Don q, mmmmm… I’m ready to fall.
So cheer up my dear friend,
You know it’s not the end.
I said it before I’ll say it again,
Don’t bottle up anything, you know I’m always there for you, just tell me when.

Panda – 2012

Wedding wishes

I am honoured to have been invited to your wedding, I feel quite blessed,
And to receive an invite with such grandeur, I would’ve never guessed.
I sincerely apologise I will not be there on your special day to watch this great change in your life,
But I wish you both from the bottom of my heart a happy and hearty time as husband and wife.
I’ll keep it short and sweet and wish you congratulations in advance,
And since I won’t be there, at the very least I’ll pay tribute by doing a little dance.

Panda – 2012